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5Ps of success

In over a decade of moulding young minds we have developed a toolkit that helps our students grow – 5 Principles that helps guide and develop the right values and capabilities in our students while cultivating in them an attitude of gratefulness.

Edsmart’s 5Ps of Success

Power of Positivity

As per the “Law of attraction” we all know that we attract what we think into our lives. Positive thoughts yield positive outcomes and there are so many beautiful reasons to have a positive mindset.

Everything we do now is for the future and tapping into the power of positivity right now is important because positivity puts us in a place of sanity even in the toughest of the situations. Success comes naturally to positive people as they are not influenced by the factors of the outside world and therefore have an edge over the circumstances.

At Edsmart Global, we help children tap into the power of positivity everyday by encouraging them to anticipate good outcomes by training them to look for positive elements even in the most negative situations, teaching them to practice gratitude and helping them to learn good lessons from failures. A positive spirit can turn crisis into an opportunity and an insult into wisdom.

The wisdom is that “A positive day starts with a positive mindset”.

Power of Creativity, Imagination and Technology

Creativity is the demand of the day in a constantly evolving modern day world. People are now gravitating towards new insights and art forms that aim at creating better experiences. Simply put, creativity is the ability to perceive things in new ways. Imagination and creativity go hand in hand. Creativity is significant in the sense of throwing new light on already existing perceptions or things and generating new ideas and solutions. Imagination sets stage to creativity. 

Creativity which is a combinatorial force of imagination and implementation, taps into our inner pools of knowledge, insights and inspirations that we have pooled over years and helps combine them to arrive at new and efficient expressions. The movie – Avatar is a classic example of creativity. At Edsmart Global, we encourage children to use their creativity at various levels including in Art Forms, Life Skills and other areas where creativity is significant to success. We couple creativity with technology to ensure success of our children in various fields.

After all being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of successful life.

Power of Perseverance

Perseverance is basically the idea of identifying one’s purpose/dream and sticking to it through obstacles and storms. The future always belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Perseverance teaches us to rise every time we fall. Practising perseverance is to garner the strength of our mind and soul.

At Edsmart Global, we teach children perseverance to help them stay strong amid the chaos of adulthood and keep them moving forward however hard they are hit on their way to success. Perseverance is significant in the sense of inculcating strength, motivation, positivity and self-healing among the children.

Because strong and intelligent children make a bright and successful future nation!

Power of Family, Friends and Mentors

The power of family, friends in the life of a child is very vital to his/her development of cognitive and social skills. Family is the first social group of a child and the child observes and learns everything the family does. The foundations to social skills is laid at home. It is observed that children who hail from a healthy family exhibit positive outlook towards life and possess better social interaction skills.

Friends are among the primary support system for a child. Children are more comfortable and open to share anything with their friends because friends accept them for what they are. They provide a shoulder in need and are always there. Friends also have a major influence on children in the way they perceive the world. Therefore, the power of friends in the growth and development of a child is infinite.

Mentors of a child may be his/her faculty or family members who guide them and make them understand the purpose of their life. They play a significant role in the development of a child. 

Power of Humility

“Humility is the ability of being humble even when there is a reason good enough to feel proud of.”

Humility is in fact one of the most powerful leadership quality. Humility helps build trust and higher self-control. Most successful leaders are humble because they understand that they have so much more to learn and there is always someone better than them out there.

At Edsmart, we make it a point to develop humility among children to help them reach their highest potential. Humble people are quick to learn, aloof of others opinions and are well mannered. In short, humble children are embodiment of grace.

Mother Theresa once said that “If you are humble, nothing will touch you. Neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are.”