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About Edsmart


Edsmart Global is an Eco-friendly school pursuing a teaching methodology based on Experiential, Expeditionary and Inquiry-based learning methodology. We aim at promoting holistic learning approaches to mould and refine the next generation of students.

Eco-Conscious Environment

Edsmart Global School has campuses across Hyderabad in Gachibowli, Nallagandla and Vijayanagar Colony. The Main Campus located in Gachibowli has Eco-friendly Classrooms that have been designed using toxic-free hollow clay bricks, which lowers the ambient room temperature naturally without the need for air-conditioning. Our large, well-ventilated, and non-toxic classrooms provides a clean, healthy and sustainable learning environment for our students and contributes positively to our planet as well. 

Rich Academic Curriculum

The CBSE curriculum is delivered to our students in a way that is extremely interactive and engaging. The curriculum was curated to impart children with essential life skills with an extensive focus on STEM subjects and History, Science – all of which prepares the next generation to deal with real-life situations with confidence and gusto. At Edsmart Global, we aspire to create and provide our students with a plethora of opportunities for aspiring students who with the right guidance will grow to become future leaders, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers and innovators.

Traditional and Modern Teaching Techniques That Can Foster The Next Generation 

The core values of our institution can be seen evidently in our unique academic paradigm, that provides students the freedom to pursue sports and fine arts, along with their academic interests. Our teaching methodology is built on traditional and modern attributes, which creates an experiential and expeditionary learning experience that resonates with our founders, faculty and students. Edsmart’s unique teaching methodologies equip students in retaining concepts in classrooms by implementing what we teach in our daily lives. 

Plethora of Extra Curricular Activities 

We have created a culture infused with state-of-the-art teaching methodologies that equip students to flourish across versatile domains apart from academics. Our organic gardening activity is also a part of our co-curriculars that is intended to help students become aware of how to grow their own food. Apart from gardening we also have Active Sports Club, Life Skills Club, Robominds (Robotics Club), Art Club, Science Club, Aryabhatta(Math) Club, English Club and many other activities to stimulate the curious minds of our students.

Dynamic Extra-Curricular Activities

Our students are provided with contextual projects that allow them to acquire hands-on experience in different domains that helps upskill them and allows them to tap into their full potential. Any child stepping out of our school will not only excel in his or her career path, but will also succeed due to the well-balanced and culturally enriched environment that we provide that helps cultivate a positive, sustainable and mindful approach to life in their lives.

Our 5 Ps for Sustained Living and LifeLong learning

Our 5Ps are the primary pillars that stand for mindful learning and sustainable living, coupled with foundational concepts originating from IKIGAI, which we have re-defined and executed at Edsmart Global. Our five developmental pillars – the Power of Creativity, Imagination, and Technology, the Power of Perseverance, the Power of Family, Friends, and Mentors, and the Power of Humility are reflected throughout our curriculum. Our 5Ps inspire students to think logically and analytically, assisting them to construct a strategy for dealing with any scenario that may arise in daily life and in this dynamic world. Learn more about Edsmart Global’s 5Ps of Success