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about edsmart


Edsmart Global is an acclaimed school that believes in shaping fully empowered global citizens in a perfectly serene and green learning environment. Under the aegis of visionary educator Sarah Rao, the school aims at creating stimulating green learning spaces that helps mould young minds and allows them to excel in areas beyond their academics. At Edsmart, we use technology as an enabler to ensure our children are equipped with the tools and skill-sets that help them thrive in a competitive global environment. We follow a CBSE curriculum with a special focus on promoting sustainable living among our students.

All class rooms at Edsmart are digitally equipped with audio-visual resources that help students understand concepts with clarity. The child-centric activities at Edsmart are designed to make critical thinking a process to understand and find innovative solutions for problems around them. Edsmart Global allows children to pursue an array of literary and cultural activities to help them find new interests and develop team working potential in students.

Green School

Edsmart School is more than bricks and mortar. The Eco-friendly, green classrooms are built with hollow clay bricks that ensure lower temperatures in the classrooms and healthy indoor air quality while being environmentally friendly. The large and well-ventilated and non-toxic class rooms at Edsmart ensures a comfortable learning environment for children and contributes significantly to the well-being of both teachers and the students. Our school consists of a wide variety of flora that contributes significantly to the well-being of our students. Also, we have introduced organic farming as a co-curricular activity in order to subtly sensitise students towards the optimal use of environmental resources for sustainable living.


While everyone else was feeling down by the pandemic and it’s trying and difficult times, our extensively trained staff engaged in meaningful collaborations to come up with ideas for bringing the school to the comfort of home for our children. Their dedication to adapt to virtual teaching environment using various digital tools to make learning more interactive for children online has been their primary occupation in the past year. Devising programmes and strategies that keep children constructively occupied during this pandemic season has been their sole mission.


We believe that each child is born with a creative mind. Our thoughtful curricula’s inter-disciplinary approach ensures children rise up to their fullest potential to thrive in this fast-paced world. Our aim with the curriculum is to introduce children to the learning and implementation of their Life-Skills and their learnings in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects to solve real world problems. We are also committed to using robotics to excite students about science and technology. The Learning Progression & Indicators provide an excellent framework of progression for educators and students throughout foundational, primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary school. The pedagogical and curricular structure at Edsmart is well aligned with the National Education Policy 2019.

Overall Growth

At Edsmart Global, a special emphasis is placed on activities outside the classroom that helps stimulate and develop key-abilities in our students. A broad range of sports events and competitions are organised in sports such as Running, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball and Badminton at both School and Inter-School level. Field trips and Excursions are organised round the year and our students are motivated to explore the world around them and thus broaden their horizon. Students at Edsmart are also involved from time to time in social initiatives that cultivates humility and wisdom in them while keeping them grounded.

Edsmart’s 5 Pillars of Growth

The five important pillars of development at Edsmart are the 5Ps of success. 5Ps of success nurtures logical reasoning and analytical thinking among children and helps them stay ahead of learning curve. Supporting this philosophy, our five developmental pillars – Power of Creativity, Imagination and Technology, Power of Perseverance, Power of Family, Friends and Mentors, Power of Humility are implemented across all programmes throughout the curriculum.