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Clubs at Edsmart incorporate similar activities and help students bond over common interests. Listed below are some of the clubs available for our students.

Aryabhatta Club

We discern that children are ‘the minds in the making’. Therefore, at Aryabhatta Club, we encourage our students to discuss and present activities to help them imbibe core mathematical concepts and its applications in everyday lives. Mathematics demands analytical and reasoning skills, abstract -thinking, problem-solving ability and communication at its core. The games and activities at Aryabhatta Club are directed at use of math to make up puzzles, create works of art, or brain teasers that boost cognitive abilities among children. We pool together students who are interested in math and encourage them to explore math beyond the academics.

Famous Indian mathematicians such as Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta and Madhava and Shakuntala have been of great honour and pride to our nation. We endeavour to identify such abilities among our students and mold them to face the future challenges of mathematics efficiently. Aryabhatta Club emphasises on improving skills in Logical thinking and Applied Math. At the Aryabhatta club, students are encouraged to experiment with the concepts of mathematics. This approach helps them maintain an edge over their peers in terms of skill and application.

Sports Club

The introduction of the Sports Club is motivated by its role in the significance of extra-curricular activities and the implications it has in school life. As a fundamental aspect of educating, we at Edsmart, believe that sports help initiate a sense of pursuing goals in children and guide them to accomplish through learning activities. Hence, we encourage physical training & coaching in various sports, leading to building players and teams, that excel in every competition.

Sports is more than just a physical activity. Sports nurture team building activities, setting goals, leadership skills, accepting challenges and analytical and strategic thinking among children. As Herschel Walker says “ If you dedicate yourself to something, you can achieve it. It's simple, but it's true, and your age is just an excuse. ”. Sports not only promote children’s health and well-being but also build mental strength to face challenges. Indulging in sports is a great leveller. The rise and fall and bouncing back time and again creates stability in children and offers them an incredible scope to growth and learning. Children become sportive. Being sportive is a leadership trait.

Art Clubs

At Edsmart, we built our doctrine into redirecting art in children into the beautiful edifice of their own creations. Edsmart’s Art Club devizes activities that foster their artistic talent, by conducting workshops and training sessions in various art disciplines. Art is an ‘all-engrossing passion’ of imagination and creativity. We catch on the vitality of a child’s interest in creative arts such as music, dance, drama, painting, drawing and sculpture in his/her all-round development. Hence, we encourage art by helping children put their creativity into practice and boost their capacity to explore their individual identities. Our arts club is an open door to endless opportunities socially and academically.

Child prodigies who are blessed with good virtuosity are birds with no wings. They are adept at tapping into the depths of their fancies and creating knickknacks that bring joy to the world. Arts enable self-expression. Visually gifted children who feel encouraged and have opportunities feel free to experiment and to fail and invent new ways of thinking which extends well beyond their academics. Arts blend creativity with fun. They develop decision making and critical thinking skills among children. Arts are an inherent quality and can be noticed right from early childhood. How many times did we not enjoy seeing pre-schoolers feel gloriously happy to dip their fingers in bright coloured paints and create their own masterpieces?

English Club

English is considered the international language of communication, and has become the primary requirement in case one has to enter the global workforce. We, at Edsmart, fathom the call for mastering the English language to survive in a global environment. Hence, at our English Club, we encourage our students to improve their reading, writing, listening & speaking skills that are the foundational skills of language learning. English is a hybrid language comprising of Latin, Roman and Germanic elements and isn't very taxing to get to grips with.

We make English learning a fun experience by engaging students in energiser activities such as allowing them to work in groups, participating in presentations, incorporating hands-on activities of language development during brain break periods etc. We organise activities such as Spell Fun, creative writing skills etc. as part of English Club.

Mastering a language is to use from a lexicon of words to express concepts by complying with a set of rules called generative grammar and convey the thoughts in a perfect sense. This is an ordeal that requires incredible exposure to the syntax, semantics(content)and Pragmatics(use)of the respective literature. The exposure requires a habit of unlimited reading. To harbour the habit of reading among children, we set up a library that acts as a source of important information for the interested alumni. Our library is an abode to a wide range of books and different genres of them.

Life Skills Club

The importance of life skills ranges from adaptability, to mind body simulation, to purposeful behaviour to generosity of spirit. Life skills are quintessential to enable children handle everyday issues effectively. We, at our Life Skills Club make an effort to develop life skills among our children through various activities that help them surpass their academic goals to achieve social intelligence in a fun and engaging environment. Our life skills club comprises various activities such as Yoga, Meditation, Organic Farming, Gardening and Carpentry that help build positive and adaptive behaviour among children. Modern ideas and traditional values are the way to go at our Life skills club.

Apart from getting kids through school with flying colours, it is essential to focus on the development of life skills which enable them to handle their day to day activities with ease. Right from doing their laundry to managing money to decision making, problem solving to interpersonal relationship skills, life skills play a vital role in the growth and development of a kid. Without learning life skills, children are prone to lose despite their effort and intelligence. At our life skills club, we design activities that introduce kids to a world of fun, educational games that teach them to work in a team, respect differences and encourage each other while collaboratively working for success.

Science Club

Science has been constantly evolving and so are we. Our Science Club aspires to engage children in various scientific activities of practical actions and challenges that bring forth the scientists in them. We aim to boost scientific activity by conducting workshops and experiments using 3D Models applied in real life scenarios.

The activities at Edsmart Science Club are designed to inspire students to invent methodologies/practical solutions in scenarios that ask for ‘ditching the dirt’, ‘growing food when your land floods’, ‘ how cavemen created fire’ etc. By letting them ponder over these kinds of situations, we help promote creative and scientific temper among our students. We expose children to the knowledge of how different concepts have been invented, how different processes have been designed and implemented to favour the humankind, in a fun-filled, engaging bunch of activities.

Even the most progressive form of syllabus may fail to cater to the needs of a scientifically able student whose interest constantly lies in innovating and creating novel forms of utility. Hence, we focus on identifying the unique talents of our students and guiding them to achieve their aspirations successfully. Apart from inspiring children to learn science, we properly organise science club activities to enhance group participation, development of explorative, constructive and innovative faculties among children. The Scientific and technological advancement of the modern world is the result of a series of experimentation and innovation from the stone age and will continue along a long journey forward. We gear the current generation up to meet the needs of tomorrow by inspiring them in the pursuit of scientific knowledge and rigorous ways of developing their scientific outlook.

Computer Club

Apart from imbibing Students with elementary knowledge of using the Internet, E-mails, password privacy, and cyber bullying, the activities at Edsmart Computer Club help students explore and experiment with everything related to computers and technology. In a generation that is so widely dependent on computers and other computing-based products, it is very essential that kids are exposed to the world of computers from an early age. We at Edsmart, steer our pupil’s talents towards attaining excellence in computing. This way we can make sure they always stay ahead of the curve.

The Computer Club programs at Edsmart aim to bridge the gap between our national technological goals and computer science education at the school level. These programs include learning desktop publishing tools, databases, spreadsheets, graphing programs, multimedia and video editing tools. Students are encouraged to use software applications that support the school's interdisciplinary curriculum.

We identify students with exemplary talents in technological spaces throughout the academic year and invite the faculty to review and revise our goals pertaining to the concerned students’ technological growth. To widen the perspectives of children in computing dynamics, we allow hands-on experience with multi-media tools. This helps build their creative talent as well as develop their digital skills.


There is no debate on the fact that ‘Robotics’ is the future. As part of empowering our students with future-centric technologies, we’ve introduced ‘Robominds’, our very own robotic training program course which helps transform student’s theoretical knowledge into practical applications. We allow children to explore their innovative capabilities by equipping them with simple programming techniques and showing them how to use basic power tools that are useful for building robots. Building their own robots not only leaves children with a lasting feel of accomplishment but also could prove to be a potential career option in the future.