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Art Clubs

At Edsmart, we built our doctrine into redirecting art in children into the beautiful edifice of their own creations. Edsmart’s Art Club devizes activities that foster their artistic talent, by conducting workshops and training sessions in various art disciplines. Art is an ‘all-engrossing passion’ of imagination and creativity. We catch on the vitality of a child’s interest in creative arts such as music, dance, drama, painting, drawing and sculpture in his/her all-round development. Hence, we encourage art by helping children put their creativity into practice and boost their capacity to explore their individual identities. Our arts club is an open door to endless opportunities socially and academically.

Child prodigies who are blessed with good virtuosity are birds with no wings. They are adept at tapping into the depths of their fancies and creating knickknacks that bring joy to the world. Arts enable self-expression. Visually gifted children who feel encouraged and have opportunities feel free to experiment and to fail and invent new ways of thinking which extends well beyond their academics. Arts blend creativity with fun. They develop decision making and critical thinking skills among children. Arts are an inherent quality and can be noticed right from early childhood. How many times did we not enjoy seeing pre-schoolers feel gloriously happy to dip their fingers in bright coloured paints and create their own masterpieces?