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Aryabhatta Club

We discern that children are ‘the minds in the making’. Therefore, at Aryabhatta Club, we encourage our students to discuss and present activities to help them imbibe core mathematical concepts and its applications in everyday lives. Mathematics demands analytical and reasoning skills, abstract -thinking, problem-solving ability and communication at its core. The games and activities at Aryabhatta Club are directed at use of math to make up puzzles, create works of art, or brain teasers that boost cognitive abilities among children. We pool together students who are interested in math and encourage them to explore math beyond the academics.

Famous Indian mathematicians such as Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta and Madhava and Shakuntala have been of great honour and pride to our nation. We endeavour to identify such abilities among our students and mold them to face the future challenges of mathematics efficiently. Aryabhatta Club emphasises on improving skills in Logical thinking and Applied Math. At the Aryabhatta club, students are encouraged to experiment with the concepts of mathematics. This approach helps them maintain an edge over their peers in terms of skill and application.