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Computer Club

Apart from imbibing Students with elementary knowledge of using the Internet, E-mails, password privacy, and cyber bullying, the activities at Edsmart Computer Club help students explore and experiment with everything related to computers and technology. In a generation that is so widely dependent on computers and other computing-based products, it is very essential that kids are exposed to the world of computers from an early age. We at Edsmart, steer our pupil’s talents towards attaining excellence in computing. This way we can make sure they always stay ahead of the curve.

The Computer Club programs at Edsmart aim to bridge the gap between our national technological goals and computer science education at the school level. These programs include learning desktop publishing tools, databases, spreadsheets, graphing programs, multimedia and video editing tools. Students are encouraged to use software applications that support the school’s interdisciplinary curriculum.

We identify students with exemplary talents in technological spaces throughout the academic year and invite the faculty to review and revise our goals pertaining to the concerned students’ technological growth. To widen the perspectives of children in computing dynamics, we allow hands-on experience with multi-media tools. This helps build their creative talent as well as develop their digital skills.