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Curriculum Overview



Edsmart is a K-12 school (classes from Nursery to 12th grade). with a curriculum that is globally relevant and transdisciplinary, promoting the practice of experiential learning, woven smartly into the CBSE syllabus. Teachers work alongside the students and guide them in understanding and practically implementing concepts and ideas in various subjects. The students are drawn into active learning through active student clubs, that conducts activities and events that generates enthusiasm in the children to act out on what they have learned. This results in the realization of smart learning with knowledge that stays and grows with them way far into their future.

Teaching Methodology

Our Teaching Methodology is based on the foundations of Experiential Learning, Expeditionary Learning and Edsmart’s very own 5Ps. Our Unique teaching methodologies - Experiential Learning and Expeditionary Learning help our students in better understanding and retaining concepts in classrooms through “Learning by Doing and Reflecting”. Our Students are provided real life hands-on projects that allow them to take ownership of their learning experiences. These unique delivery methodologies helps engage and motivate our students to grasp conceptual knowledge and gain practical expertise. Edsmart’s very own 5Ps empowers students to find their innate abilities and provides holistic growth in our students while keeping them grounded and instilling the right values.

Ours is an initiative by learned and awarded educationists with over 20 years of experience. We maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:15 for Preschool and 1:25 for Grades 1 to 10. We have implemented educational tablets for students and have a parents app in place to ensure their active involvement in their child’s education.


The Preschool program at Edsmart aims to help unlock a child’s full potential and pave the path to lifelong learning and all-round growth.

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Primary School

Edsmart's Primary School program involves exploratory and hands-on activities that helps develop cognition, language and psychomotor skills.

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Secondary School

Secondary School at Edsmart aims to foster a confident, culturally-sensitive and socially responsible student with strong communication skills.

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High School

High School at Edsmart deploys a multi-pronged approach of knowledge acquisition, retention and application for student's learning.

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