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English Club

English is considered the international language of communication, and has become the primary requirement in case one has to enter the global workforce. We, at Edsmart, fathom the call for mastering the English language to survive in a global environment. Hence, at our English Club, we encourage our students to improve their reading, writing, listening & speaking skills that are the foundational skills of language learning. English is a hybrid language comprising of Latin, Roman and Germanic elements and isn’t very taxing to get to grips with.

We make English learning a fun experience by engaging students in energiser activities such as allowing them to work in groups, participating in presentations, incorporating hands-on activities of language development during brain break periods etc. We organise activities such as Spell Fun, creative writing skills etc. as part of English Club.

Mastering a language is to use from a lexicon of words to express concepts by complying with a set of rules called generative grammar and convey the thoughts in a perfect sense. This is an ordeal that requires incredible exposure to the syntax, semantics(content)and Pragmatics(use)of the respective literature. The exposure requires a habit of unlimited reading. To harbour the habit of reading among children, we set up a library that acts as a source of important information for the interested alumni. Our library is an abode to a wide range of books and different genres of them.