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High School

Curriculum Overview

While in high school a student is ready spread their wings and head out and discover their paths in life. Our approach at this stage is using the wide array of knowledge and understanding of the student’s strengths and weaknesses that we have accumulated through years of assessments and mind mapping to equip them with the right tools and skills. We also help them prepare for the important examinations that will set the course for them in their desired careers. We also help, train and assist students in acquiring recognition in the areas of Arts, Music, Dance, Sports, Technology, etc. based on their inherent talent, skills and likings. 

We deploy a multi-pronged approach of knowledge acquisition, retention and application for their learning at this stage. Students are exposed to vibrant multimedia explanations to help gain knowledge and are taught a wide variety of techniques to help retain knowledge. Hands-on activities and projects are provided to help them better understand the concepts. Innovative ideas on a broad range of subjects are discussed in the classroom and outside it giving students a practical exposure and making them confident thereby broadening their horizon.