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Life Skills Club

The importance of life skills ranges from adaptability, to mind body simulation, to purposeful behaviour to generosity of spirit. Life skills are quintessential to enable children handle everyday issues effectively. We, at our Life Skills Club make an effort to develop life skills among our children through various activities that help them surpass their academic goals to achieve social intelligence in a fun and engaging environment. Our life skills club comprises various activities such as Yoga, Meditation, Organic Farming, Gardening and Carpentry that help build positive and adaptive behaviour among children. Modern ideas and traditional values are the way to go at our Life skills club.

Apart from getting kids through school with flying colours, it is essential to focus on the development of life skills which enable them to handle their day to day activities with ease. Right from doing their laundry to managing money to decision making, problem solving to interpersonal relationship skills, life skills play a vital role in the growth and development of a kid. Without learning life skills, children are prone to lose despite their effort and intelligence. At our life skills club, we design activities that introduce kids to a world of fun, educational games that teach them to work in a team, respect differences and encourage each other while collaboratively working for success.