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News and Updates

Future of Education

– From the Director’s Desk The future of education in schools is expected to undergo significant changes as technology continues to advance and society evolves. Here are some possible trends and developments that could shape the future of education in schools: Overall, the future of education in schools is likely to be shaped by advancements […]

Launch of our Sports Facility

We are thrilled to announce the Launch of our International Sports Facility, located at our Main Campus near the Financial District. The Facility is slated to be Operational by the start of the Academic Year 2023-24 and will feature a Half Olympic-sized Swimming Pool, Running Track, Football Court, Cricket Nets with Balling Machine and Indoor […]

Why is Learning Important for Children during the Pandemic

A learning curve is essential to growth. Especially for children during the times of COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes crucial to understand the importance of human values like compassion, empathy, patience, optimism, among others. Young minds brimming with energy and enthusiasm can find these times particularly harsh while confining themselves to their homes without playing, socialising […]