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Curriculum Overview

The early years of a child’s growth are the most formative years in their growth and development. It’s where they start understanding and learning about the world around them. The experiences that children encounter in the early years of their lives contribute immensely to their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. At Edsmart Global our curriculum aims to help unlock a child’s full potential and pave the path to lifelong learning and all-round growth. Through creative play, specially designed games and learning activities we help develop a child’s working memory, focus their attention and help establish self-control in a safe, supportive and enabling environment.

Preschool Subjects

LanguageWe help develop language skills in pre-primary children by introducing them to various phonetic sounds, letters, songs and music. Kids in pre-primary are quick to develop speech when they start interacting with their peers although reading and writing could take longer for them. Our teachers are constantly speaking and interacting with children through speech, gestures and actions to facilitate development.
Fine MotorHand-eye co-ordination develops in children gradually while in pre-school and is nurtured though activities such as sprinkling sand on pictures, thumb printing, folding and cutting pictures and so on. Children are introduced to holding and using a crayon over a period of time and they are slowly involved in activities with an increasing level of difficulty.
Personal AwarenessChildren start learning about their own body parts and are taught about personal hygiene that helps them become independent. They learn to dress up, change clothes, tie their shoes, use washroom and keep their surroundings clean and neat.
CognitiveCognitive Development helps children think, explore and understand things by themselves. The development of the brain is a resultant part of cognitive development. Logical Reasoning, Perception, Awareness and Judgment form a part of cognitive development. Children are exposed to various activities that invokes curiosity and promotes development. Children thus are guided to explore and find answers and themselves and thereby learnt to comprehend facts from a young age.
Gross MotorChildren in Preschool have immense energy and grow tremendously during this time. Providing opportunities to run, play, jump, hop and crawl can help them in developing the bigger muscles in the body such as the limbs. Children are also provided suitable toys and apparatus that help build muscle, balance and dexterity.
Socio-EmotionalAt Preschool, children learn to interact and communicate with their peers that helps begin their social life. They are taught the set rules of a game while waiting and taking turns and negotiating which is a natural way to develop the socio-emotional areas of a child. Role plays and dramatizations are used to inculcate appropriate behaviour and teach proper mannerisms that are means of self-expression and venting of emotions in children.