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Primary School

Curriculum Overview

When entering Primary School, children have developed an aesthetic knowledge of visual images, music, rhythm and body movements. They are capable of experimenting and expressing themselves with different media, materials and forms of art. They are encouraged to do what they love doing while helping them understand the difference between right and wrong. Children at a Primary School level start emerging from their secure comfort zone and begin to socialise.

Our curriculum involves exploratory and hands-on activities that helps develop cognition, language and psychomotor skills. Children become self-confident observers and it helps them absorb experiences to make relevant associations and draw accurate conclusions. Through flexible, well-thought out and stimulating lessons they begin to appreciate the importance of education. Children start becoming aware of their own potentials and they start learning how to explore and exploit in the right direction thus transitioning from being vulnerable to becoming independent. They undergo challenging experiences that makes them capable of divergent thinking and are able to tackle both academic and non-academic areas which equips them for Secondary School.


Math and ScienceClasses in primary school encompasses the basic subjects of Maths, Science and Social Studies.Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract through numerous Teaching Aids and Expeditionary Learning Methodology. Experimental “Math Buddy” Kits for Application Based Learning.
EnglishEnglish for Primary is integrated with Environmental Studies and focuses on Language Literature.Creative writing for Stories, Dramas, Articles, Newspapers and other mediums.Reading and Comprehension Skills.
LanguagesBeing Multi-lingual is a huge advantage to the personality of a child. It’s exposes them to a more diverse social experience that could result in wider opportunities in every field.English Language is the First Language and is mandatory for all grades. Options for second language includes Hindi, Telugu or Spanish.Third Language options include Hindi, Telugu, French or Spanish. Third Language is offered beginning Grade I up until Grade VIII.
Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Science is integrated with Social Studies for the students starting Grade III up until V.Experiential and Expeditionary Learning Experience is adopted for concepts in Science and Social Science.Interactive Environmental Sciences Kits.
Computer ScienceChildren in primary classes are introduced to an integrated version of Computer Science and are familiarized with various softwares and their general functioning.Robominds and Kits.Promoting curiosity for technology in our students.