Schooling @ Edsmart

Our Curriculum

Edsmart is a K-12 school (classes from Nursery to 12th grade). with a curriculum that is globally relevant and transdisciplinary, promoting the practice of experiential learning, woven smartly into the CBSE syllabus. Teachers work alongside the students and guide them in understanding and practically implementing concepts and ideas in various subjects. The students are drawn into active learning through active student clubs, that conducts activities and events that generates enthusiasm in the children to act out on what they have learned. This results in the realization of smart learning with knowledge that stays and grows with them way far into their future.

XSEED is our curriculum partner. XSEED system originated from iDiscoveri Education, based out of Gurgaon, India, founded by Mr. Ashish Rajpal, who has an M.Ed from Harvard University and an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur. XSEED is a new age multi-step learning concept in education, built on a bank of 8000 researched, structured, and highly detailed experiential lesson plans for teachers. The 5-step experiential learning method makes teachers innovative and creative in their lesson deliveries.

XSEED Education aligns itself with the CBSE syllabus. Under XSEED, hands-on experimentation and analysis through discussions and group sessions improve comprehension and build confidence in students. They grasp core concepts better, communicate fluently and perform better in reasoning and application-based tests. Even parents get trained in teaching methods using the Model Teaching Video pack (real classroom videos) available under XSEED plan.


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