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Science Club

Science has been constantly evolving and so are we. Our Science Club aspires to engage children in various scientific activities of practical actions and challenges that bring forth the scientists in them. We aim to boost scientific activity by conducting workshops and experiments using 3D Models applied in real life scenarios.

The activities at Edsmart Science Club are designed to inspire students to invent methodologies/practical solutions in scenarios that ask for ‘ditching the dirt’, ‘growing food when your land floods’, ‘ how cavemen created fire’ etc. By letting them ponder over these kinds of situations, we help promote creative and scientific temper among our students. We expose children to the knowledge of how different concepts have been invented, how different processes have been designed and implemented to favour the humankind, in a fun-filled, engaging bunch of activities. 

Even the most progressive form of syllabus may fail to cater to the needs of a scientifically able student whose interest constantly lies in innovating and creating novel forms of utility. Hence, we focus on identifying the unique talents of our students and guiding them to achieve their aspirations successfully. Apart from inspiring children to learn science, we properly organise science club activities to enhance group participation, development of explorative, constructive and innovative faculties among children. The Scientific and technological advancement of the modern world is the result of a series of experimentation and innovation from the stone age and will continue along a long journey forward. We gear the current generation up to meet the needs of tomorrow by inspiring them in the pursuit of scientific knowledge and rigorous ways of developing their scientific outlook.