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Sports Club

The introduction of the Sports Club is motivated by its role in the significance of extra-curricular activities and the implications it has in school life. As a fundamental aspect of educating, we at Edsmart, believe that sports help initiate a sense of pursuing goals in children and guide them to accomplish through learning activities. Hence, we encourage physical training and coaching in various sports, leading to building players and teams, that excel in every competition.

Sports is more than just a physical activity. Sports nurture team building activities, setting goals, leadership skills, accepting challenges and analytical and strategic thinking among children. As Herschel Walker says “If you dedicate yourself to something, you can achieve it. It’s simple, but it’s true, and your age is just an excuse”. Sports not only promote children’s health and well-being but also build mental strength to face challenges. Indulging in sports is a great leveller. The rise and fall and bouncing back time and again creates stability in children and offers them an incredible scope to growth and learning. Children become sportive. Being sportive is a leadership trait.