Why us?

Teaching Methodology

Edsmart makes schooling a pleasant and resourceful exercise and experience for students. Far from the lecture based education of old times, the new age concept of experiential learning is the norm at the school. Here, education is more than just an intellectual pursuit and is more of an exploration assisted by today’s technologies like smart class systems and digital models. The students are systematically introduced to essential and relevant knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Ours is an initiative by learned and awarded educationists with over 20 years of experience. Our world-class, activity based education offers systematic and scientific approach to learning. We maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:15 for pre-school and 1:25 for grades 1 to 10. We have implemented educational tabs for students and have a parents app in place to ensure their active involvement in their child’s education.

Our Curriculum

XSEED is our curriculum partner. XSEED system originated from iDiscoveri Education, based out of Gurgaon, India, founded by Mr. Ashish Rajpal, who has an M.Ed from Harvard University and an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur. XSEED is a new age multi-step learning concept in education, built on a bank of 8000 researched, structured, and highly detailed experiential lesson plans for teachers. The 5-step experiential learning method makes teachers innovative and creative in their lesson deliveries.

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XSEED Education aligns itself with the CBSE syllabus. Under XSEED, hands-on experimentation and analysis through discussions and group sessions improve comprehension and build confidence in students. They grasp core concepts better, communicate fluently and perform better in reasoning and application-based tests. Even parents get trained in teaching methods using the Model Teaching Video pack (real classroom videos) available under XSEED plan.

Sports & Physical Culture

The importance of sports and physical culture and the related activities has to be placed in high consideration when planning the comprehensive growth and development of a child. The students are encouraged to be actively involved in sports activities and improve their mental and physical strength in the process. Activity sessions meant for this, when combined with supply of a balanced diet in healthy lunch and snacks at the school, brings the desired results.

Life Long Fitness (L2F) Program

Life Long Fitness (L2F) is a unique, systematic, integrated program for physical activity, fitness and sports in schools. The program is based on Human Kinetics’ “Fitness for Life” curriculum, which has been customized to suit the particular school. The program has high effectiveness as it comes from Human Kinetics, the world leader in physical activity and health, education and research. The program is also a synchronized effort by national and international trainers and sports enthusiasts.